One of the most popular binary options brokers in the market, 24option treats its traders to some unique features. Find out whether 24option is right for you!

What 24option has to offer

The first thing you will notice about 24option is the accurate market data the broker provides. With their accurate pricing system, they set the basis for your success. Where some other brokers manipulate the market price to gain an advantage over you, 24option uses precise data from Morningstar, thereby making sure that the price you see in your trading platform is always 100-percent exact and up to date.

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To make your investments as profitable as possible, 24option provides payouts of up to 89 percent on every trade. Compared with brokers that use a smaller payout, this feature can increase your returns significantly without you having to do change your trading – it is a feature you do not want to miss out on.

With a maximum investment per trade of $50,000, 24option also allows you to make the highest per trade profits in the industry. This high limit allows you to expand your investment as your bankroll grows. Other brokers use lower limits, thereby making them less attractive for wealthy traders with a large bankroll and those traders that want to get to this point eventually.

To help you turn every single delay, waiting time, and unproductive period into a profitable trading opportunity, 24option offers mobile trading app for Apple, Android, and Nokia devices.

In their video center, 24option provides you with plenty of knowledge to become a better trader and make more money, manage your risk, and maintain a profitable portfolio.


24option review

When investing in a binary option, you do not invest in an asset such as a stock, you invest in a prediction based on an underlying asset. When done right, this system allows for a lot of potential and high profits. 24option does a good job at leveraging the crucial points in this system to your advantage, thereby allowing you to make more money with 24option than with most other brokers.

24option’s commitment to providing a profitable service starts with their payouts. Offering payouts of up to 89 percent on high / low options, they do not only provide one of the highest ceilings for payouts in the market, they also use provide average payouts that are to the upper end of what you can hope for with binary options.

Since high / low options are the most popular binary options type and also the binary options type that signal providers provide signals for, having a high average payout on high / low options goes a long way to help you trade successfully. By combining 24option with a signal provider for binary options, you have a very good chance of making money.

Aside from high / low options, they also offer 60 and 30 second options, one touch options, and boundary options, all of which provide payouts that are among the highest in the industry. Especially having boundary options at your disposal is a great advantage since only few brokers still offer boundary options, which are the only binary option you can win without having to predict the direction of the market – a very trader friendly option type.

With these option types, you can invest in a large selection of assets from all over the world. 24option offers assets in four categories: Stocks, indices, currencies, and commodities. In all categories, you find assets from all over the world, which allows you to invest in any market and in any time zone you prefer.

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Considering the high payouts and the high possible returns that come with it, it is easy to understand why so many traders are exited about having an investment limit of $50.000 per trade. The high limit allows you to take full advantage of a great offer, even after you have traded for years and amassed a large bankroll.

Traders with a smaller bankroll, however, can profit from 24option’s low minimum deposit requirement of only $250. This feature allows even the traders with the smallest bankrolls to start a trading career, as they only need to invest little more than they could save within one month.

Finally, 24option’s trading platform is up to the highest standards, convincing with both its usability and security. On a clean interface every button is right where it is supposed to be and does what it is supposed to do, thereby making trading easy and quick. If you want to take advantage of a market development, 24option allows you to do so within a few seconds.

To keep your account safe, 24option encodes every communication between you and there trading platform with the SSL standard, the safest encryption protocol the web has to offer. You can be sure that nobody will intercept your transaction.

In conclusion, 24option offers high payouts and all-around profitable and customer-friendly service. If you are looking for a broker to start you binary options trading career, there is a good chance that 24option would be a reliable partner for you.