binary options signals software

Binary Options signals software

Binary signals are pieces of expert trading advice that help thousands of binary traders achieve their goals every day. They are generated by specialized software packages that have been designed with this specific purpose in mind.

Binary options signals software relies on certain algorithms in order to seek out patterns in the movements of financial markets. This enables the program to make extremely good predictions regarding the future price fluctuations of specific assets. This is exactly what you as a binary trader need in order to inform your decision making.

Many different forms of signals software exist. A lot of different providers have developed packages that aim to deliver the very best, most reliable signals. These companies now compete to provide you with expert help in the shape of signals. This competition means that the products keep getting better and the prices lower.

If you would like to know more about binary options signals software, you can read the rest of this article.

What is Binary Options signals software?

First of all, what is a binary signal? A binary signal is a recommended binary trade that has been generated by a software solution that scans the financial markets looking for trading opportunities. The signal consists of all the information you require in order to complete the trade.

So, how can a software solution find promising opportunities for making a winning binary options trade? Without going into a lot of technical details, we can simply state that computer systems are superior to human traders for a lot of reasons, among them the following:

  • Superior processing power – reading the market is about number crunching. Clearly something a software package can do better than a human brain.
  • Data retention – can you remember all the prices of all the assets on the New York stock exchange from one hour ago, one minute ago, ten seconds ago? Of course not, that’s impossible for a human being to do. Not so for a computer program.
  • No bias – do you like Google? Do you think gold is a good investment? Unfortunately, preconceptions such as these can influence your ability to coldly and rationally make good calls in the market. Trading software has no feelings, and will not be swayed by bias – only the numbers that matter.

Clearly, then, binary options software offers a lot of important benefits. It is no exaggeration to say that nobody can expect to outperform a computer when it comes to binary trading. Even the very most successful, professional traders rely on software to analyse the markets. The only question is which signal providers has the best signal software.

How can I take advantage of Binary Options signals software?

If you decide to use signals to inform your trading, you basically have two options:

  1. Subscribe to a binary options signals provider
  2. Use a binary options robot

Both have their pros and cons, and what you prefer is really up to you as a trader. If you decide to go for option number 1, and sign up with a signals provider, the provider will send you several signals per trading day. It is then up to you to complete the recommended trades with your binary broker. Most signal providers charge a monthly fee for their services.

Here are some helpful pointers about how to choose a signal provider:

  • Make sure you find a provider that has a proven track-record. Trustworthy companies within this market sector always publish a verifiable strike rate on their website. A good average win frequency is anything above 70 %. Avoid any company that boasts win percentages of 90 % or more – they are likely to be overselling their product.
  • Look for free trials or money back guarantees. This is your chance to try out a signal provider’s service free of charge.
  • Get a good deal. Some signal providers charge a lot more than others. The average monthly subscription fee is usually in the region of $97.

If you go with option number 2, and sign up with a robot, the robot will quite simply execute trades based on the signals its trading software generates. This means everything, the entire trading process, is left in the hands of the machines.

In today’s market there really is only one robot worth considering and that is BinaryOptionRobot. This robot offers a winning rate of 72 %, and has quickly become the dominant player within its market sector..

binary robots

Binary Robots

If you are interested in binary signals, it is only natural that you should also be considering binary robots. It so happens that these are two closely connected service offerings. Both can improve your binary trading by relying on expert advice and highly advanced computerized solutions.

A binary signal in its most basic form – as you might already be aware – consists of a recommendation for a binary trade. The signal is generated by a computer program that has been especially designed for this specific purpose. When you subscribe to a binary signal provider, you will receive this type of signal on email and SMS a few times per trading day. You then choose whether you wish to act on the recommended trade or not.

A robot, on the other hand, is a computer program that does everything described above, plus one more important thing: it also executes the trade automatically on your behalf. A binary robot is essentially a way to put all your trading into the hands of the experts.

What are Binary Robots?

A binary robot is a computer program that analyses the markets, searching for opportunities to make binary trades. When an opportunity is identified, the program will automatically make the trade on behalf of its clients.

This means that a binary robot gives you everything that a binary signal does, plus the added extra of completing the trade for you.

Binary robots were the hottest thing around a few years ago. However, enthusiasm has cooled somewhat recently. The reason for this is that some robots simply didn’t live up to expectations. The results they promised did not match the actual results they delivered.

Now, however, a new robot has arrived that does indeed produce the sort of returns most traders would love to achieve themselves. This robot is BinaryOptionRobot, the only robot worth considering.

By trading via BinaryOptionRobot, you will see a very respectable return on your investment without having to lift a finger. This truly is a remarkable product we whole-heartedly urge you to try out.

Binary Robots v. Binary Signals

There are obvious similarities between binary robots and binary signals, and only one major difference: that a robot will act on signals automatically.

So, should you leave your trading to the robot, or is it better to subscribe to a signal provider, and complete your own trades? Here are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing between robots and signals:

  • A robot never sleeps – with BinaryOptionRobot you will benefit from trading opportunities even when you’re asleep (or in a meeting, working out, dining at a restaurant, etc.).
  • Timing – with all kinds of trading, timing is crucial. BinaryOptionRobot will execute a trade immediately. If you wait for the signal to arrive, for you to log into your broker and make the trade, you risk losing valuable seconds.
  • Control – some traders might prefer being hands-on and actively executing their own trades. This is understandable, as we are talking about your own hard-earned money here. But the fact is that this is an emotional response, and as everyone knows, emotions do not belong on the trading floor.
  • Decision making – robots do not make computation mistakes, they do not get tired or hungry, and do not let distractions of any sort get in the way of their decision making. This is one of the major plusses of robots. However, people can see things that robots cannot. They can rely on experiences that tell them that a trade might not be as good as it looks to the robot. In such cases, inspecting a signal before acting on it can be advisable. But how often will you really spot something a robot didn’t? And how many times will you make a mistake a robot wouldn’t? For the vast majority of traders – even the pros – leaving everything to the robot will result in fewer mistakes.
  • Money management – this is a big one. Traders need to be careful to invest a certain amount of their total funds in each trade. Most traders recommend an investment per trade at about 3% to 5% of your account balance. This means that if you lose a lot of consecutive trades, you need to reduce the sum you invest per trade. Conversely, if you win a lot of trades, you need to increase the investment. By leaving everything to a robot, you risk losing all your money, or losing out on huge pay-offs. This is easy enough to fix, though, by keeping an eye on the robot’s activates and adjusting how much you’d like to invest during good times and bad.

All in all, we have no hesitation when it comes to recommending BinaryOptionRobot. This is a quality product that has proven to be of great help to a large number of traders. Remember that the service is free of charge (instead of taking your money, BinaryOptionRobot sends the bill to your broker), so you have nothing to lose..

binary strategies

Binary strategies

In order to attain long lasting success as a binary trader, you have to stick to a clearly defined strategy. A strategy is basically an overall plan that steers your decision-making process as a trader.

A strategy will be defined by how high risks you are willing to take. Money management is another form of strategic consideration that you must make. Strategies are important because they determine what sort of a trader you are, which in turn decides what sort of binary options you should invest in.

Without a strategy you are pretty much investing on random, and trusting luck to lead the way to long-term profits. Needless to say, this is not likely to work out well. If you are interested in learning more about binary strategies, and how to make them work for you, please read on!

How to trade with binary strategies

Just to get this out of the way immediately: yes, you will need a strategy in order to make money on binary options. The reason for this is quite simply that you depend on sustained success over time in order to make serious money. And in order to keep making enough winning trades to turn a nice profit, you need a plan. You are not going to hit the target enough times to make money if you just play it by ear.

The most important strategic decision you need to make as a trader, is the choice between high risk and low risk investments. Both have considerable pros and cons. The choice is not between a strategy that is better than another, but which one fits best with you as a person.

What’s important is that you need to stick to your chosen strategy faithfully and patiently over time. This is because you will reduce your chances of earning money by swapping between the two different types of strategy. We can explain this by considering the following:

  • A high risk strategy will yield fewer, bigger wins
  • A low risk strategy will yield more, smaller wins

The consequence of this is that by sticking to one of the two strategies, over time, you will achieve the following:

  • Enough big wins with a high risk strategy to earn a long term profit
  • Enough small wins with a low risk strategy to earn a long term profit

On the other hand, if you swap and change you risk ending up in a situation where you don’t get the big high risk wins, and not enough small low risk wins to make a serious profit. Switching strategies is self-defeating.

There are several other strategic decisions you need to make as a trader. Some of the most important are:

  • Money management – you have to invest a suitable amount of money in each trade. If you make investments that are too large, you risk running out of cash. If you invest too cautiously you won’t earn enough money to make an impact when you pick winning trades.
  • Signals – do you wish to trust your own analysis of the market, or pay experts to provide you with recommendations in the shape of binary signals?
  • Robots – do you wish to execute your own trades, or outsource the trading to the experts by using a binary robot?

When it comes to these strategic choices, it is especially important to be consistent with your money management. Set a fixed percentage of your funds to invest in every trade, and do not deviate. It is crucial that you do not panic in losing streaks or become reckless during winning streaks.

As for signals and robots, you can try them and see what you think. You might be a signal trader, you might be a robot trader, but you won’t know until you try.

What strategy should I choose?

As you can clearly see, strategies are important and will define you as a trader. But how to figure out which strategy is right for you?

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, you can just try signals and robots to see if they’re right for you. Several signal providers offer free trials, so you can check them out without risk.

As for robots, the only robot worth considering in today’s market – BinaryOptionRobot – is free to use, so there is absolutely no reason not to try it.

When it comes to high risk or low risk, it becomes a question of your personality as a trader. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you prefer a) predictability, or b) excitement?
  • Do you prefer a) to win often, or b) to win big?
  • What’s more important, to a) not lose, or b) to win?

If you answered mostly a), you are probably a low risk trader, and if you chose mainly b) you are more likely to thrive with high risk trading. Basically it’s a question of whether it is more stimulating for you to win big a few times, or achieving a steady stream of smaller wins.

Binary strategies and robots

You need a strategy even if you use a binary robot to take care of your trading. This is especially true for money management, which, if anything, is even more important when you use a binary robot. The reason for this is obvious: by leaving the robot in charge, you will not be at hand to make sure the amount you invest remains a sound percentage of your total account balance.

The best robot out there, BinaryOptionRobot, also offers the chance to define what level of risk you would like the robot to trade with on your behalf. This gives you one more layer of control. Please note that this feature is only available to VIP members. You become a VIP member by recruiting a member for BinaryOptionRobot..

Trend follower or swing trader

Trend follower or swing trader

One of the fundamental strategic decisions all binary traders must make is to choose between following trends or trading on swings. Both these binary strategies come with pros and cons.

It is important that you consider them carefully, and make a well-informed choice. The reason for this is that these two approaches are very different, and which one you choose will determine how you act in the market.

Creating a binary option strategy that works for you, is really at the core of becoming a successful trader. We therefore urge you to take the time to learn as much as you can about the differences between these two fundamental strategies, and the plusses and minuses each one provides. You can take a first step by reading the rest of this article on the strategies of being a trend follower or swing trader.

Strategies for trend follower or swing trader

So, what are the differences between being a trend follower and a swing trader? The first step towards answering that question is to quickly point out what a trend is and what a swing is:

  • A trend is a sustained price movement, either up or down, over time.
  • A swing is a deviation from the prevailing market movement. Several swings can occur within a trend.

A trend follower looks at how the price of an asset is developing, trying to identify a trend. Once he sees that the price is moving in one direction, over time, he will invest in this trend’s continuation. In order to identify trends, you need to look at the market within a longer timeframe. Trends take time to develop and will not be clearly identifiable in charts with very short time frames.

A swing trader, on the other hand, will be looking at the smaller picture. He will be looking at the asset’s market performance in price charts with very short time frames. He is searching not for a prevailing trend that will point towards a reliable movement over time, but rather rapid changes.

Trends are never linear. Instead they consist of a lot of rapid changes, up and down. A trend can be seen over time, but really the market price of an asset appears as a jagged zig zag pattern if you observe it on a chart with short time frames. These zigs and zags are what the swing trader invests in.

Which strategy should I choose – trend following or swing trading?

When it comes to how you trade in binary options with a trend following or a swing trading strategy, respectively, there is no right or wrong answer. Both these approaches are equally sound. There are important differences, but none that indicate that one or the other is always better for all sorts of traders than the other. Really, it is all about which one you are more comfortable with.

One important consideration to keep in mind when you weigh up the pros and cons of trend following and swing trading is the fact that a trend following strategy gives you one trading opportunity per trend. A swing trading strategy offers numerous trading opportunities within a trade. This means the latter approach yields many more chances to make money. Having said that, trading on swings can be considered by many traders to be more risky.

For both these strategies you need to use various technical indicators to interpret the market movement of the asset you are investigating. For a trend follower the most important such indicators include among others:

  • Support levels
  • Resistance levels
  • Bollinger bands
  • Trend lines

These all help identify developing and ongoing trends, and indicate in which direction they are moving and how strong they are. Because swing traders also need to be aware of trends, they will need to use the same indicators as trend followers. However, they also need a few more in order to keep an eye on the rapid fluctuations that occur within the trend. Such indicators include:

  • Momentum indicators
  • The moving average

Momentum is of great importance to swing traders because a weak or strong momentum within a trade can cause rapid price fluctuations that represent potential trading opportunities.

You can read more about all the technical indicators mentioned above elsewhere on this site.


trading for beginners

Trading for beginners

When you take your first steps into the world of binary options trading, there are many things to keep in mind. You need to choose a binary broker, you need to figure out what sorts of options you prefer, which assets you want to trade in and so on. You also need to establish a strategy for your trading, determine a budget, and make a long list of further decisions.

You also need to learn how to make winning trades. You have to understand how the markets operate, and how binary options work. You also ought to educate yourself on the jargon used in this business.

All in all it can seem like a lot, but by following some fairly simple procedures you can make a successful start. Never forget: binary options trading is the easiest and most accessible way to make money on the financial markets.

In this article on trading for beginners, you will find a lot of helpful information that can be of great use for trading novices, looking to get off to a flying start with binary options.

Trading for beginners made easy:

First things first: choosing a broker

In order to invest in binary options, you have to open an account with a binary broker. A binary broker is a financial institution that offers binary options to its customers. When you have an account with a broker like this, you can choose binary options and invest in them via the broker’s website.

There are a great number of binary brokers to choose from. They vary in many different ways. Here is a list of some of the things you should keep in mind when choosing a binary broker:

  • Returns – when you win a binary trade the broker will pay you a set percentage of your investment as a return. Choosing a broker that offers high returns is always a good idea.
  • Assets – binary options involve predicting the future price movement of a certain asset. An asset can be a stock, a commodity, an index or a currency pair. Choose a broker that offers assets you want to trade in.
  • Types of options – there are many different types of binary options. Some offer higher returns, whereas others are easier to win. Which do you prefer? Choose a broker that has the options you want to invest in on the menu.
  • Bonuses – most binary brokers pay out a bonus to new customers. This bonus usually consists of 100 % of the first deposit you make. Assuring that you receive a large bonus can give your trading a flying start.

Once you have an account with a broker, you are good to go. It is easy to register as a member. The whole process only takes a few minutes and entails nothing more than filling in some quick online forms.

Your first trades: some important considerations

Now you have your account with a broker, and you have transferred some money into your account. You are ready to go! But before you do, you should take a breath and consider the following:

  • Free trial – some brokers let you trade without investing real money as a sort of practice run. This can be very helpful and lets you gain some firsthand experience before you start to trade with your own funds. If your broker offers this option, we urge you to take advantage of it.
  • Learning center – most brokers offer some sort of educational facility on their websites where you can read article about trading, or even download e-books or watch video tutorials. Make the most of such opportunities to learn.
  • Money management – it is crucially important that you establish a strict budget. If not, you will not last long in this business. We recommend that you invest about 2-5 % of your total budget per trade. This will ensure that you do not run dry when the inevitable losing streaks set in.
  • Risk – some binary options offer higher profits in return for higher risks. You are less likely to win such trades, but you will get a lot of money if you do. Is this how you would like to trade? Or would you prefer to win frequent, small returns? It’s a choice between high-risk or low-risk that you need to make before you get going.

Remember also that you should have some extra money in your account thanks to the binary broker bonus. This will enable you to trade with extra freedom in the early stages.

Signals, robots, or neither?

Now, you will no doubt have heard about signals and robots. Both are tools that traders can use to improve their performance. Should you utilize them? This is something only you can answer.

Basically, binary signals are expert recommendations that are generated by trading software. Such computer programs are able to analyze and read the market in ways no human can. Based on the program’s predictions you can make winning trades.

A robot is a computer system that, in addition to finding good trading opportunities in the markets, also completes the trades on your behalf. A binary robot is a fully automated trading system.

There are many pros to signals and robots, and only really one con. That is cost. If you can afford to subscribe to a good signal provider or a good robot, this might be money well spent.

A safe place to start your trading is with IQ Option who among the few offer you a real demo account and IQ Option are among the most popular brokers in binary option trading.


time frames

Time Frames

In the context of binary options trading the phrase ‘time frame’ describes how long a statistical chart showing market movements covers. Such a chart can cover the last 10 minutes, the last hour, or the last five years. The period in question is its time frame.

In binary trading we are always looking at the short term. A binary option is always asking you to predict price movements over a short period of time, never a long time into the future. Therefore, binary traders will mostly rely on shorter time frames when analyzing the market.

Technical analysis is a method for statistical analysis that lets traders make predictions based on past market developments. In technical analysis you will use tools such as candlestick charts to represent market movements. In order to do this successfully, it is crucial to choose appropriate time frames.

Time frames and binary trading

If you plan to invest in a binary option, you need to form an opinion about where the market is headed next for one specific asset. You can do this by relying on technical analysis. This is a way of looking for patterns in how the price of the asset has moved in the past in order to predict future movement.

In technical analysis price movements are shown in candlestick charts. These charts will tell you how the price has been developing over the course of a set time period. You can adjust this time period, the time frame, yourself. Depending on which time frame you operate with, the candlestick will tell you very different things.

If you choose a 5 minute time frame for your chart, each candlestick will represent 5 minutes of market movements. By looking at 10 candlesticks on your chart, you will in other words be looking at 50 minutes of price developments. By looking at a 100 candlesticks, you are viewing the last 500 minutes of trading, and so on.

You can also choose a longer time frame for each candlestick. For example 1 hour. Then, by looking at 20 candlesticks, you will have a graph depicting price movements over the course of the last 20 hours of trading.

By looking at an asset’s development in different time frames, you can get a great insight into its past performance. This should give you a good indication of what might happen in the future too. You can use candlesticks to look for trends you can follow, for trends about to turn, or trends that are about to develop. Based on this, you can make well-founded predictions.

Choosing time frames

What sort of time frame gives you the best, most relevant information depends on many factors. Perhaps the most important is your choice of running time for the option you intend to invest in. Binary options can have running times of as little as half a minute and as much as several hours. Clearly, what you choose should influence your choice of time frame.

So, let’s say you wish to invest in a high/low option with a running time of 15 minutes. You are a trend follower and looking for a trend to develop. First you need to investigate how long it took for a price trend to develop for the asset you wish to invest in the last time it happened. Seeing as 15 minutes is a short period, you might want to use 5 minute candlesticks. So what has happened in the past during 3 such candlesticks? How about 10 or 15? By looking back, you should be able to see patterns. If the price of the asset previously held a trend for 10 5-minute candlesticks, the question becomes how far it is into its current movement. If the answer is fewer than 7, you might assume that the ongoing movement will persist for the 15 minutes of your binary option and invest accordingly..

perfect binary option strategy

Perfect Binary Option Strategy

First things first: there is no strategy that you can use to win every one of your binary option trades. All strategies aim to achieve a high enough win percentage to earn a long term profit. That is the best you can realistically aim for.

Second, it is important to understand that there is no set strategy that fits for all traders. Different strategies have different pros and cons. Which ones fit best for you will depend on many different factors. Some of these factors will have to do with considerations such as budget, level of experience, how much time you have to trade per week and so on. Others will have to do with your personality.

So when you are looking for the perfect binary option strategy, you should add “for me” at the end. Because what you are really trying to attain is a strategy that fits best for you as a trader.

In this article we point to some important factors you ought to keep in mind when trying to find your perfect binary option strategy.

How to find your perfect binary option strategy

Are you risk averse or a risk taker?

In the search for your perfect binary options strategy, the very first thing to consider is risk. Risk is at the heart of all trading, and understanding how you deal with risk will help define you as a trader.

In binary option trading, the differences between a high risk and low risk strategy can be explained like this:

  • High risk = lower percentage of wins
  • Low risk = higher percentage of wins
  • High risk = bigger wins
  • Low risk = smaller wins

So it becomes a choice between frequent, small wins, and less frequent, big wins. On average, over time with a high trading volume (several trades per trading day) the amount of money you can earn with either high risk or low risk will be close to equal. In other words, one is not objectively better than the other. It is just two very different ways of achieving the same thing: long-term success.

So, how do you choose which strategy fits best – low risk or high risk?

Basically, it boils down to a question of personality. What do you feel happiest with? Living through the losing streaks that will inevitably happen if you follow a high risk strategy, or dealing with the fact that your wins will not be greatly rewarded?

What we have here is essentially a question of personality. And it is important to find an answer to the question of whether you are risk averse or a risk taker. The reason for this is that you are unlikely to succeed over time if you try to follow a strategy that is a bad fit for your basic nature.

Regardless of whether you like risk, or would like to minimize it, there is one crucial thing all traders should do, and that is to stick to one approach or the other. Do not switch between risk taking and playing it safe. By doing that you risk incurring the drawbacks of both approaches, whilst enjoying the benefits of neither!

Are you a hands-on trader?

In order to achieve long term success in binary options you will need to learn how to read the markets. You have to know how to make predictions that reliably identify the future price movements of assets. That is what binary trading is all about.

There are two basic ways of doing this:

  1. Technical analysis
  2. Outsourcing

Option 1 involves learning how to read statistics, interpret graphs and draw inferences based on market data. This will enable you to see patterns that will indicate what the market will do next.

There are drawbacks and positives about this approach. The biggest pros of learning technical analysis are:

  • You become an independent trader and can make your own decisions
  • You understand the process of binary trading, enabling you to make intelligent decisions

On the other hand, the drawbacks are that learning technical analysis can be:

  • Extremely time-consuming. It will be very difficult for most people to combine studying this subject with a full-time job, plus trading
  • Overkill – unless you plan to make a serious long-term career as a binary broker, this might be an unnecessary challenge

Option 2 involves paying someone to help you make good trading decisions. There are basically two ways of doing this:

  • Binary option signals
  • Binary option robots

A binary option signal is a recommended binary trade. Companies called signal providers sell such recommendations to traders, usually for a monthly subscription charge. Signals are generated by very advanced trading software that uses specialized algorithms to read market data.

A binary option robot is a software solution that makes signals, and in addition acts on them to complete trades on behalf of its subscribers. By using a binary option robot you essentially put your trust in the experts’ ability to trade more successfully than you would be able to yourself.


In summary, by determining whether you are a risk taker or not, and whether you are a hands-on trader or would like to outsource your trading, you will take important step to defining your perfect binary options strategy..

Moving average crossover

Moving Average Crossovers

The moving average can tell you where the market is heading with regards to the price of the asset you are monitoring. The moving average basically shows you, in the shape of a line on your price chart, what the average price of the asset has been over the time frame chosen.

You can define the time frame yourself, thereby adjusting the information the moving average gives you. The longer the time frame, the less responsive the moving average becomes to price fluctuations. On the other hand a longer time frame will help eliminate minor, short-lived fluctuations.

This average is a great way of seeing the general trend in which the price of an asset is moving. It can also throw up some very solid trading signals. One such signal occurs when a moving average crossover occurs. In this article we tell you about moving average crossovers, and how you can use them to make money on binary options.

What are moving average crossovers?

In general, the average price of an asset will follow the market. As the price of the asset rises, so will the average. However, if the price rises quickly it will take time for the average to catch up. How quickly this happens will depend on how long time frame you are operating with. Obviously, if you are looking at an average price over 30 minutes, it will show the impact of a price change much faster than an average price that takes the last 4 hours into consideration.

Now, when the current price of the asset moves outside of the average because of a sudden shift in price (in this example we are talking about rising prices, but all the same principles apply to a bearish development) you will see that the line representing the moving average is crossed by the line representing the current price. This is the moving average crossover.

The importance of such a development is such that it is considered a trading signal. Basically, when this occurs, you know that money can be made if you act accordingly.

How do I make money on a moving average crossover?

When the market crosses the moving average it indicates that a trend is strong and has some momentum going in the direction indicated. The consequence of this for binary traders is as follows:

  • When the market crosses the moving average in an upwards movement it indicates prolonged upwards movement: make money by investing in a high option.
  • When the market crosses the moving average in a downwards movement it indicates prolonged downwards movement: make money by investing in a low option.

These are examples of so-called binary options signals. They can help you enormously in guiding your trading, but they are not, however, flawless. This example is no exception. There are many instances where the crossing of the moving average is not followed by the expected development.

There are many reasons for this. It can be a case of sideways market conditions that can cause the market to cross the average. Also, retracements and fluctuations can always occur even within strong trends, making exact predictions very difficult to make. This means that as good as any signal is, they are never flawless.

In the case of the moving average crossover, there are things you can do in order to make sure the crossover really does indicate a continued market movement in the indicated directions. They include:

  • Take your time and don’t jump the gun. By waiting to see what happens in the next period you can invest with more certainty if the movement continues, or save yourself a losing trade in case it doesn’t.
  • Make sure that the crossover is accompanied by an increase in trading volume. This is a strong indicator that the movement is solid, and will continue in the indicated direction.

If you would like to learn more about the Moving Average and how it can help you make money, there are several more articles on our site that you might find of interest!.

Expert Advisors and Binary Options

Expert Advisors and Binary Options

Expert Advisors and binary options are the best possible match. An expert advisor can help you attain a higher rate of winning trades with binary options. In this context an expert advisor is not a person, but rather a computer program.

The program will either be set to react in a certain way to certain market movements, or you will be able to adjust its behavior according to your preferred trading strategy. Either way, it will analyze the markets on your behalf, using a computer system’s superior processing power to identify trading opportunities as they occur.

You can use expert advisor to complete trades with a large number of different binary brokers. Many companies market expert advisors online. Some are free, some are not. In this market, there are a lot of different operators, just as is the case for binary signals and binary robots.

If you are looking for an expert advisor to help guide your decision making when trading binary options, we recommend Meta Trader. This is a professional trading software solution that enjoys a great reputation for achieving good results.

Expert Advisors and Binary Options – how does it work?

Expert advisors first started to appear in the Forex market, that is to say in the currency market. Recently, they have also started to appear in binary options trading.

The expert advisors we are talking about here are computer programs that analyze the markets on the lookout for good opportunities. They can also be programmed to execute trades on your behalf. This means that they have a lot in common with binary robots and binary signals. However, there are also important differences. Among them we can mention:

  • Adjustability – when using an expert advisor you can adjust its code to act in a way that fits with your specific preferences. This is true for Meta Trader.
  • Cost – most signal providers charge a substantial fee, often $100 per month or more, for their services. Many expert advisors, among them Meta Trader, are free to download and use.
  • Control – you have the ability to steer the expert advisor in a way no signal provider or robot will allow. You have access to the program code, and can determine yourself how it should operate on your behalf.

Because there are many traders out there who use expert advisors, and who have a lot of experience in adjusting them to different strategies, it has become popular to exchange tips and advice online. This can be a great way to get started and learn more. By talking to other traders, and learning from their experiences you can quickly figure out how to make expert advisors work for you.

Please note that just as for a robot, you can leave an expert advisor to trade on your behalf also when you are otherwise engaged. That means that you can be making money even when you are at the office, out with friends, or doing anything else you’d rather do than analyzing market data in front of the computer screen.

Where can I get an Expert Advisor?

You can very easily download any number of Expert Advisors from various providers online. Some of them are free of charge, whilst others charge a fee. We recommend Meta Trader, which is free to use.

You can very easily download and install Meta Trader on your computer. Just be aware that you will in addition need to get a plugin to allow the system to communicate directly with your binary broker in order to help you trade. This is also easily done, and help can be found without problems online.

If you would like to draw on the help of automated, professional trading software to help you crunch the numbers, Meta trader can help you..

candlestick stratgy

Candlestick Strategy

In binary options trading it is of fundamental importance to be able to get a fast, reliable and thorough picture of price movements in the market. This means that it is crucial to find some graphic representation of how the prices have been developing that is easy to read and informative. Instead of looking at endless price charts – that can become very confusing and big – most binary traders prefer candlestick charts instead.

A candlestick chart contains all the information you need in as little space as possible. By looking at candlesticks a trained professional can read exactly what has happened with the price of an asset during a timeframe of his choice. More importantly – based on this information he will be able to make inferences about where the price is headed next.

By mastering the art of reading candlestick charts, you can take an important step towards becoming an expert technical analyst. Needless to say this can help improve your results as a trader greatly.

In this article you learn what candlesticks can tell you and how you can use the information they contain in your strategy.

How can I apply a candlestick strategy?

A candlestick chart consists of two component parts. How big these two parts are in relation to each other will tell you how the price of an asset has been developing. The two parts are:

  • The Wick
  • The Body

So, just as in a normal candle, you have a thicker part, the body, and a thinner part, the wick. Now, please note that the visual similarity between a candlestick chart and an actual candle is not always present. Even if a chart like this looks more like a thin line with a small, fat box at one end, than something you’d light for a romantic dinner, it’s still called a candlestick!

So what do the Wick and the Body tell us? A candlestick covers a certain time period. You can determine that yourself, and it is very important that you always keep in mind what time frame a candlestick is operating on. If not, you really have no idea what it is telling you.

Let us use a 15-minute candlestick as an example to illustrate our point. In this case, it tells us the following:

  • The Body represents the opening price and closing price of the asset in question over the last 15 minutes. If the price has moved up during that time, the body will be white. If it has been moving down, the body will be black. The shorter the body, the smaller the difference between opening and closing price, i.e. the price movement, that the asset has experienced in the last 15 minutes.
  • The Wick tells you what the maximum and the minimum prices for the asset were respectively during the previous 15 minutes of trading. That is to say, that if at some point during the period, the price exceeded the opening or closing prices, the wick will protrude from the body to indicate this.

By looking at a candlestick chart, then, you learn in an instant how the price of an asset has moved over a set time. You learn where it started, where it ended, and what maximum and minimum swings occurred in between. Based on this, smart traders can make profitable strategic decisions.

Please note that you can look at more than one candlestick in one chart. For example, you can look at 4 15-minute candlesticks to see how prices moved in the last hour, or just one 60 minute candlestick. This will give you different perspectives on how the price has been moving during that time frame.

How can I formulate a candlestick strategy?

You can use the information contained in a candlestick chart to steer your trading strategy. In its most basic sense, a candlestick simply shows you what has been happening in the past, but this can indicate what will happen in the short-term future. And that is all we binary traders care about.

So, for example if a big, white candle that indicates that the price has been moving up in a big way in the last 15 minutes has a small wick, this tells you that a bullish movement is underway. The short wick indicates that the closing price and the maximum price are very close. This indicates that more upwards momentum might remain. A smart strategy here would be to invest in a option that will pay out if the price of the asset in question keeps going up..