Can I earn money using a binary options robot?

Binary Options Robot

Robots can offer an unbeatable way to make money on binary options with a minimum of effort. By using a binary options robot you effectively outsource your trading to the experts. You simply leave all the hard work, the strategizing and decision making to a software program that has been specifically designed to trade in binary options.

This sounds great, and it is, however, there are drawbacks with regards to robots, just as with most things in this world. In this article you will learn more about the pros and cons of robots, and get our advice on how to make money by letting robots take care of your trading.

Can a binary options robot make me money?

The short answer to that question is “Yes, quite a lot, actually!” The fact is simply that professional trading software will outperform even the best human traders. Nobody can hope to be so good at technical analysis that they can match a computer at reading statistics. There are other reasons too why robots make better traders than human beings:

  • Emotions – robots don’t have them, but you do. In a bad mood? Feeling lucky? Got a good hunch? Need some quick money? These are all emotions, and they’re all bad news for your trading results. A robot won’t let this sort of bias influence a decision making process that should be ice cold, and based only on what the numbers tell us.
  • Stamina – you get tired and hungry and need to sleep, robots don’t. This means two things that act in a robot’s favor as a trader: 1) robots perform the same at the beginning of the day and at the end, and all through the rest, and 2) robots can trade 24 hours, and make money when you’re tucked up in bed.
  • No human errors – it doesn’t matter how good you are, or how careful you act, mistakes will creep in. Maybe not often, but it will happen. And in binary options trading they will cost you. Robots just don’t err. Simple as that.

So, these selling points make it quite clear that a robot should beat a human trader, and really be a sort of a super genius at this. However, what you have to also keep in mind is that a binary options robot is only as good as its program. And programming and coding is still done by humans. In other words, not all robots are great. Not all robots deliver what the marketing promises. Not all robots are any better than a good, human trader.

The consequence is that you need to find the best robot. Luckily for you, that robot is easy to identify and find: BinaryOptionRobot is by far the best in the business.

Binary Options Robot things to consider

We mentioned above that a binary options robot is only as good as the code it consists of. This code will determine how well it interprets all the vast amounts of market data it is able to process, and turns it into useful binary signals.

In addition, there are some more things to keep in mind before you start using a robot:

  • Cost – robots can make you good money, but they can also set you back a pretty penny. Monthly subscription charges can be so high, they eat up too much of your trading budget.
  • Reliability – there are a lot of robots out there. Some are better than others. A lot of them make grandiose claims in their marketing of success rates of 90 % an above. Such statements should raise suspicions – can they really be backed up?

By using the best robot out there, BinaryOptionRobot, you avoid both these considerations. Thanks to its unique pricing model, you as a trader do not pay anything to use it. Instead your binary broker gets charged. As for reliability BinaryOptionRobot publishes its results on the company website. The robot wins well over 70 % of trades, which is what you need to make a long term profit, and does not make unsubstantiated claims of unbelievable results.

By using BinaryOptionRobot, you enjoy all the benefits of binary options robots, whilst suffering none of the downsides..

Best time to trade currencies

Best time to trade currencies

Currencies are very popular assets among binary traders. There are many important reasons for this. One of them is that you can invest in currency based binary options throughout the day, with some limitations.

Another reason is that currencies respond to events that do not have the same effect on other assets. This opens up certain trading opportunities that smart traders will know how to take advantage of.

How to find the best time to trade currencies

Timing is crucial in all sorts of trading. This is especially true for binary trading, which by definition is a very short-term investment method. When it comes to currencies, you can earn big money by getting your timing right. In this article we look closer at the best time to trade currencies.

Currencies are unique

You can invest in binary options that are based on all sorts of assets. One of the most popular types of assets for binary options is currency. Such binary options ask you to predict the relationship in price between two different currencies, for example the euro and the US dollar, or the British pound and the Australian dollar, and so on.

When it comes to timing, currencies differ from other assets because they are traded all over the world, around the clock. This means that time zones do not put the same restrictions on currency trading as on other types of trading that are controlled by opening times of the world’s largest stock markets and commodities exchanges.

Seeing as events in Japan, Johannesburg, and Sydney can have major impacts on the value of the US dollar, this is an asset that is constantly changing its price. This means that you can invest in a binary option based on a currency pair pretty much 24/7.

However, having said that, prices will move more often and more strongly when the major markets are open. Clearly when trading is taking place in London and New York, there will be more and stronger movement in the relative values of the US dollar and the British pound. Seeing as price movements are what binary options are all about, this means that currency options also have an optimal time frame during the day, that being whenever the most important markets for any given currency are active.

Spotting trading opportunities for currencies

Because of the unique qualities of currencies, they offer certain trading opportunities that most other assets do not. This in particular pertains to the fact that other factors determine the price of a currency than assets such as stocks and commodities.

The price of a currency can be greatly boosted or severely reduced by news events. Government policy can have huge impacts on a currency. The same is true for major economic indices such as unemployment figures, a country’s trade balance, interest rates, and so on.

This means that there are certain other events you need to keep an eye on in order to time your trading in currency based binary options to perfection. A classic currency opportunity will arise when you know that a major news announcement is expected in regards to a country’s finances. For example, if the US government’s official unemployment figures are due to be announced, this will impact greatly on the value of the dollar. An election in Germany will impact on the Euro and so on.

Now, seeing as you are not a clairvoyant you cannot know, for example, what the US unemployment figures will show, or who will win the German elections. You don’t know either with any certainty how the market will react to these events. What you do know, however, is that there will be a reaction. You know that the value of the currencies involved will be affected, which means big market movements, which means money to be made in binary options.

The smart strategic move when it comes to the timing of currency trading, then, is to await major news events, and invest in an option that doesn’t require you to predict the direction the market will move in. One such option is a boundary option.


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60 seconds binary options strategy

60 second binary options are fast becoming some of the most popular investment vehicles available to binary traders. Many are drawn to this very fast form of trading because it offers an unprecedented chance to complete a high number of trades within a short time span.

Others like the fact that 60 second options offer a quick return, enabling them to know almost immediately whether the trade was successful or not. This, in turn, enables traders to plan and make their next move much quicker than would be the case for an option with longer running time.

Regardless of why you are drawn to 60 second binary options, there are some strategies that can help you obtain success when trading with them. In this article we will look closer at 60 seconds binary options strategies.

Trading volume and 60 seconds binary options strategy

The greatest advantage of 60 second binary options is that you can execute a high number of such trades over the course of the trading day. In other words, you can enjoy the benefits offered by a high trading volume when you invest in this form of binary options.

By completing many trades per day, you reap some very sought-after benefits. Crucially, the more trades you complete, the more money you can make. But there are other plus points worth considering. Some of them are:

  • In a high risk strategy, the more trades you complete, the more likely is it that you get the occasional big wins you need to make the strategy work.
  • In a low risk strategy you have to make many trades in order to accrue enough small wins to earn a healthy return on your investment.
  • For both strategies, losing streaks can occur. The best way to get out of a losing streak is to trade frequently. A high trading volume allows you a fast way back to winning ways.

What is important to keep in mind here is that all binary traders ought to try to make as many trades as they can per day. The reason for this is that you are hoping to win a certain percentage of your trades. Basically, nobody is going to win all their trades. Therefore a smart binary strategy is to complete many, small trades and aim to win about 70 %, rather than making an occasional big trade in the hope of winning every time.

Money management and 60 second binary options

When you invest in a 60 second binary option, you know whether you won or lost very quickly. You get your winnings paid into or deducted from your account at once. This rapid fluctuation in your funds will have consequences for your money management. For this reason money management forms a crucial part of any 60 seconds binary options strategy.

A sound money management is fundamental to obtaining success in binary trading. Your money management strategy should specify how much money you invest in each trade that you make. Based on our extensive experience, we recommend that you invest no more than 3 to 5% of your total funds per trade. This goes for all sorts of assets, regardless of risk or timeframe.

So, the great challenge in terms of money management and 60 seconds binary options is that your balance will vary very quickly. You will therefore need to make rapid and frequent adjustments to how much you invest per trade.

If you invest too much, you can end up losing more money than is sound very fast. If you do not invest enough, you end up losing out on profits you could have won if only you had upped your spending.

Because of the high trading volume available when investing in 60 second options, you should pay especially close attention to money management when trading in them..

binary options trading signals

Binary Options Trading Signals

If you are a highly driven and ambitious binary trader, Binary Options Trading Signals might well be the ideal signals provider for you. This statement is based on the fact that Binary Options Trading Signals offers so very much more than reliable binary signals – the company also gives their subscribers an education.

Whereas most binary signals providers simply send out signals to their subscribers, alerting them to promising trading opportunities, Binary Options Trading Signals teaches their customers the ins and outs of how to read the market well enough to call your own trades.

In other words: if you want to be a strong trader in your own right, and you are willing to put in the required time and effort, Binary Options Trading Signals can help you reach your goals.

Binary Options Trading Signals review

You might have heard the saying “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” The point is that it is better to teach someone how to do something than to do it for them.

Get 80% accuracy from this reputable signal provider: Binary Options Trading Signals.

This is a worthwhile lesson that the binary signals provider Binary Options Trading Signals puts into practice. As a subscriber to this company’s services you do not just receive signals telling you which trades to make, you also learn how to make the signals yourself.

This is done through daily video tutorials that are streamed on the Binary Options Trading Signals website. In these online lessons an expert trader explains how he or she reads the market, analyses statistics and reaches their decisions.

This sort of insight is invaluable to inexperienced traders who are eager to learn, and puts Binary Options Trading Signals’ service offering in a higher bracket than most of the competition.

Unique features

As mentioned previously, the most important unique features on offer at Binary Options Trading Signals are the daily video tutorials. They are streamed live every trading day between 9:30 and 11:30 EST. This means that traders in Europe, Australia and Asia might need to adjust their schedules in order to attend.

These lessons offer a number of great benefits. Here are some of the most important:

  • Become a better trader – you learn from the best, and can develop skills rapidly
  • Avoid signal addiction – relying blindly on signals can stunt your growth as a trader
  • Transparency – some signals providers keep their working methods secret. This makes it difficult to assess the quality of their work. No such problems here!

It is worth noting that the video tutorials – like all of Binary Options Trading Signals’ services – are available across a range of platforms, mobiles and tablets, included.

How it works

Binary Options Trading Signals operate much like other signals operators, the video tutorials aside. You will receive daily signals, updating you about good trading opportunities. Each signal specifies all the information required to complete the recommended trade. All you have to do is log into your binary broker, and execute the order.

On average, Binary Options Trading Signals will send 2-4 signals per trading day. This is a fairly low number. You would be well advised to act on a very high percentage of them in order to make enough trades to be profitable.


As with products and services in general, also in the world of binary signals you get what you pay for. Seeing as Binary Options Trading Signals offer so much more than most other signals providers, they also charge somewhat more.

Whereas a standard monthly subscription with a signals provider will normally set you back about $97, this sum will get you a 2 week subscription with Binary Options Trading Signals.

As we have already touched upon, this is a company for ambitious traders. If you want to take your trading to the next level, you will need to learn technical analysis. You will basically need to become like the professional traders who the signal providers pay handsomely for their expertise. What better way to do that than to learn directly from the traders themselves?

Sure, Binary Options Trading Signals charge a bit more, but they also offer you the long-term opportunity to earn the really big bucks. If you have your sights set high, $97 per fortnight is not a steep price for giving your career a kick-start.

Get 80% accuracy from this reputable signal provider: Binary Options Trading Signals.


Binary Options Trading Signals offers subscribers the chance to learn from the best. If you are motivated to learn how to be a professional trader, this is a wonderful opportunity.

If you, on the other hand, are happy to rely on others to study the market on your behalf and generate signals for you, then Binary Options Trading Signals might not be the right option.

The company generates a relatively small number of signals per day. Even though they have a high win percentage, you might prefer a provider that offers more trading opportunities.

Also the cost of $97 per two weeks really only makes sense if you intend to make the most of the video tutorials.

In summary: Binary Options Trading Signals is the right choice for traders who want to get to the top..

binary options payouts

Binary Option Payouts

How much money you will earn on a winning binary options trade will depend on two factors. First, how much you invested in the trade, and second, a prearranged payout percentage offered by your broker.

The first you can obviously decide for yourself, depending on your budget and the risk you are willing to take. The second depends entirely on your broker. Binary brokers operate with set payouts for each of the different options they offer.

These payout rates vary greatly from broker to broker. There is a lot of money to be made by choosing a broker that offers a higher payout than the competition. Read this article to find out how you can secure yourself high payouts.

What are binary option payouts?

A binary option payout is the percentage of your investment that the broker will pay out for a winning binary options trade.

The size of the payout varies between different types of binary options, and from broker to broker. Generally speaking, the more difficult a binary option is to predict, the higher payout will you receive.

This means that a simple up/down option, one that simply requires you to predict whether the prize of an asset will move up or down over the course of a set timeframe, will offer a relatively low payout. A more challenging option, such as a touch option where you predict that the price of an asset will reach a specific point during a predetermined time period, will offer a far greater payout.

Usually, a high/low option will offer a payout of about 80 % to 90 % of the sum invested. A touch option can be rewarded with payouts upward of 400 %.

Strategies for binary options payouts?

The big strategic consideration to keep in mind when considering binary options payouts is win frequency. How many times will you need to win to earn a healthy profit with a certain type of option, with its specific payout?

Obviously, it would be great to win a high percentage of touch options with payouts of several hundred percent. However, the laws of averages determine that this is not likely to happen, and certainly not likely enough to warrant an investment.

So, what any trader has to do is assess risk, and make a strategy on this basis. It is clear that you will win a much higher percentage of high/low options than options with higher payouts. So, what is the better strategy: win frequently with a payout of 80 %, or win more rarely with a payout of 400 %?

There is no set answer. This is a question of what sort of trader you are: risk-averse, or high-risk. Both strategies have benefits and drawbacks. Our advice is to trade according to you personality. If you find frequent low wins unstimulating, trade with higher risk. If you find frequent losses down-heartening, trade with lower risk.

The one thing we can say for certain, is that is pays to stick with your chosen strategy. Either trade low-risk / low payout options, or high-risk / high-payout options. If you switch between the two you risk experiencing the drawbacks of both, and missing out on their respective plus points. You have to be consistent, patient and invest long-term in order to make trading in binary options work for you.

Some things to consider regarding binary options payouts

When you look at binary brokers, you will see that they all list their respective payouts prominently as part of their marketing. They know that traders are looking for the highest payouts, and compete to offer the most enticing deal.

At first sight, differences in payout percentages between brokers can seem insignificant. What, after all, does it matter if I win 80 % of my investment on a trade, or 81 %? The answer is a lot more than you probably think.

If you can choose between two brokers, and there’s a 2 % difference between their payouts, this will make a huge impact on your earnings over time. Let’s say you make 6 trades per day. Over the course of 20 trading days, with a win percentage of 70 %, that 2 % difference will result in an additional payout of 2160163%. That is more than 2 million extra percentage points, you earn without improving your strategy or anything else – purely an effect of compound interest.

Having said all of that, it is important not to get greedy in this business. When choosing a broker there are several things to consider. Yes, the size of the payouts on offer is obviously very important, but other considerations should be taken into account also.

There is nothing to be gained by opening an account with a broker that offers huge payouts, but do not offer the assets, markets, types of options or bonuses you are after. Not to mention security considerations.

Our advice is to always vet any broker you are reviewing carefully, and not to be blinded by seemingly alluring payouts..

The Best Binary Option Brokers and Trading Platforms

What are Binary Signals?

When you are trading binary options, you need to assess the market closely in order to make the correct call, at the optimal moment. There are a great many things to consider, and a huge amount of factors that can influence the market.

It takes years to learn how to do this in an effective and productive manner. Most of us do not have the money or the time to attain this level of expertise through trial and error. Therefore it can be a wise move to obtain professional help.

Fortunately a number of companies have identified the need for good advice that can direct traders’ decision making. They employ professional traders and analysts who draw on their expertise and experience to make trading recommendations. These recommendations are called binary signals.

What are binary signals and how do you use them?

Most binary options traders use signals in order to inform their trading. Signals predict which trade, involving which asset, in which market at which time will be the most likely to provide a winning outcome.

All you have to do as a trader is decide whether the signal looks good to you. If it does, you simply make the recommended trade with your broker.

Providers of binary signals

There are many companies that offer binary signals. They generally provide a very similar service offering, even though there are certain differences.

Usually providers of binary signals will generate a certain number of signals per trading day. How many will vary from provider to provider. Usually, 3-4 signals per day is considered the market standard. These signals are sent to provider’s subscribers via email and/or SMS.

A binary signal specifies what sort of trade you should make. It recommends what sort of option you should invest in – e.g. boundary option, high/low, etc. It states which asset your option should entail – e.g. a specific stock, a commodity, etc. It provides a time-frame during which the trade should be made. And, most importantly, it tells you which direction the market is expected to move – i.e. up or down. A good signal gives you everything you need to know in order to make money.

Providers of binary signals draw on professional traders’ wealth of knowledge to make signals. Some of these companies also offer insight into how these experienced professionals operate. You can for example benefit from video tutorials where an experience trader explains how he or she analyses the market, and reaches his or her decisions. Needless to say, this can be of great use for most binary options traders.

Several binary signals providers also make a great deal of information available for their subscribers on their websites. These learning-centers can be your easiest and fastest route to accruing a professional level of trading expertise, yourself.

Most providers of binary signals charge a monthly subscription fee. Prices vary greatly, with the average being around $100. Providers will always specify what percentage of their signals is correct. There is some variation here. Make sure you choose a provider with a success rate of at least 70 %.  A few providers lets you trial their service for free. This is a very good offer, we recommend that you consider closely. For more information on providers of binary options, please refer to our many articles on the subject.

Binary signals pros and cons

There are some obvious benefits to relying on binary signals to steer your decision-making.

In summary, some of the most important are as follows:

  • Saves time
  • Gives you access to professional advice
  • Increases profitability
  • Protects you from beginner mistakes
  • Offers a chance to learn from the best

However, there are also some cons involved in using this sort of a service. You should be aware of them, and keep them in mind when considering whether to subscribe to a signal provider. Some of the most important are:

  • Signals are only valid for a limited time-span – you will not always be able to act on them in time
  • Relying too heavily on signals can stunt your growth as a trader
  • Not all providers of binary signals deliver on their promises – make sure you pick one of the companies we recommend on this site to steer clear of less reputable operators
  • Some companies are expensive – choose one that fits your budget

Choosing a provider of binary signals is an important decision. Make sure to educate yourself on the subject by following the links on our site..