Binary Robots

If you are interested in binary signals, it is only natural that you should also be considering binary robots. It so happens that these are two closely connected service offerings. Both can improve your binary trading by relying on expert advice and highly advanced computerized solutions.

A binary signal in its most basic form – as you might already be aware – consists of a recommendation for a binary trade. The signal is generated by a computer program that has been especially designed for this specific purpose. When you subscribe to a binary signal provider, you will receive this type of signal on email and SMS a few times per trading day. You then choose whether you wish to act on the recommended trade or not.

A robot, on the other hand, is a computer program that does everything described above, plus one more important thing: it also executes the trade automatically on your behalf. A binary robot is essentially a way to put all your trading into the hands of the experts.

What are Binary Robots?

A binary robot is a computer program that analyses the markets, searching for opportunities to make binary trades. When an opportunity is identified, the program will automatically make the trade on behalf of its clients.

This means that a binary robot gives you everything that a binary signal does, plus the added extra of completing the trade for you.

Binary robots were the hottest thing around a few years ago. However, enthusiasm has cooled somewhat recently. The reason for this is that some robots simply didn’t live up to expectations. The results they promised did not match the actual results they delivered.

Now, however, a new robot has arrived that does indeed produce the sort of returns most traders would love to achieve themselves. This robot is BinaryOptionRobot, the only robot worth considering.

By trading via BinaryOptionRobot, you will see a very respectable return on your investment without having to lift a finger. This truly is a remarkable product we whole-heartedly urge you to try out.

Binary Robots v. Binary Signals

There are obvious similarities between binary robots and binary signals, and only one major difference: that a robot will act on signals automatically.

So, should you leave your trading to the robot, or is it better to subscribe to a signal provider, and complete your own trades? Here are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing between robots and signals:

  • A robot never sleeps – with BinaryOptionRobot you will benefit from trading opportunities even when you’re asleep (or in a meeting, working out, dining at a restaurant, etc.).
  • Timing – with all kinds of trading, timing is crucial. BinaryOptionRobot will execute a trade immediately. If you wait for the signal to arrive, for you to log into your broker and make the trade, you risk losing valuable seconds.
  • Control – some traders might prefer being hands-on and actively executing their own trades. This is understandable, as we are talking about your own hard-earned money here. But the fact is that this is an emotional response, and as everyone knows, emotions do not belong on the trading floor.
  • Decision making – robots do not make computation mistakes, they do not get tired or hungry, and do not let distractions of any sort get in the way of their decision making. This is one of the major plusses of robots. However, people can see things that robots cannot. They can rely on experiences that tell them that a trade might not be as good as it looks to the robot. In such cases, inspecting a signal before acting on it can be advisable. But how often will you really spot something a robot didn’t? And how many times will you make a mistake a robot wouldn’t? For the vast majority of traders – even the pros – leaving everything to the robot will result in fewer mistakes.
  • Money management – this is a big one. Traders need to be careful to invest a certain amount of their total funds in each trade. Most traders recommend an investment per trade at about 3% to 5% of your account balance. This means that if you lose a lot of consecutive trades, you need to reduce the sum you invest per trade. Conversely, if you win a lot of trades, you need to increase the investment. By leaving everything to a robot, you risk losing all your money, or losing out on huge pay-offs. This is easy enough to fix, though, by keeping an eye on the robot’s activates and adjusting how much you’d like to invest during good times and bad.

All in all, we have no hesitation when it comes to recommending BinaryOptionRobot. This is a quality product that has proven to be of great help to a large number of traders. Remember that the service is free of charge (instead of taking your money, BinaryOptionRobot sends the bill to your broker), so you have nothing to lose..

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